Volume 2, Number 2, August 2001
Special Issues for Professor Ky Fan

N. Yamashita, C. Kanzow, T. Morimoto and M. Fukushima
An infeasible interior proximal method for convex programming problems with linear constraints
Sehie Park and Wanbok Lee
A unified approach to generalized KKM maps in generalized convex spaces

Catherine Finet
Variational principles in partially ordered Banach spaces

Hang-Chin Lai, Jin-Chirng Lee and Jen-Chwan Liu
Duality for fractional complex programming with generalized convexity

Teemu Pennanen
On the range of monotone composite mappings
Stanis Law Prus and Mariusz Szczepanik
New coefficients related to uniform normal structure
Charles Castaing, Anna Salvadori and Lionel Thibault
Functional evolution equations governed by nonconvex sweeping process
Juan-Enrique Martinez-Legaz and Michel Thera
A convex representation of maximal monotone operators
Alexander J. Zaslavski
Generic well-posedness for a class of optimal control problems
Messaoud Bounkhel
Onthe distance function associated with a set-valued mapping
Biagio Ricceri
A further improvement of a minimax theorem of Borenshtein and Shul'man
Fon-Che Liu
Systems of inequalities and mixing of fucntions

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