Volume 16, Number 8, August 2015

Hidefumi Kawasaki
A comparison of discrete fixed point theorems via a bimatrix gameh
Truong Q. Bao, Boris S. Mordukhovich and Antone Soubeyran
Minimal points, variational principles, and variable preferences in set optimization
Open Hongjin He and Hong-Kun Xu
A projection-based splitting method for structured variational inequalities
In-Sook Kim
Ranges of perturbed quasibounded maximal monotone operators
Antonio-Francisco Roldán-López-de-Hierro and Erdal Karapínar
Discussion on the equivalence of W-distances with ω-distances
Ángel Almeida, Antonio Francisco Roldán López de Hierro and Kishin Sadarangani
Weak P-property on product spaces and related multidimensional best proximity point theorems
Xiang-Kai Sun, Xiao-Le Guo and Yu Zhang
Fenchel-Lagrange duality for DC programs with composite functions
F. Cianciaruso, G. Marino, A. Rugiano and B. Scardamaglia
On strong convergence of viscosity type method using averaged type mappings

Open A. S. M. Alofi, A. E. Al-Mazrooei, A. Latif and J. C. Yao
Systems of generalized equilibria with constraints of variational inclusion and fixed point problems
Open H. Salahifard, S. M. Vaezpour and E. Malkowsky
Generalized Darbo's theorem and its application
Mohammed Alshahrani, Mujahid Abbas, Qamrul Hasan Ansari and Suliman Al-Homidan
Iterative schemes for generalized nonlinear complementarity problems on isotone projection cones
W. A. Kirk and Naseer Shahzad
Uniformly lipschitzian mappings in R-trees

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