Volume 15, Number 3, January 2014

Special Issue in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Prof. Simeon Reich
W. M. Kozlowski
On common fixed points of semigroups of mappings nonexpansive with respect to convex function modulars
Anthony To-Ming Lau
Approximation of fixed points and ergodic sequences for semigroups of non-expansive mappings
Enrique Llorens-Fuster and Eva-M. Mazcuñán-Navarro
Comparison between several conditions implying weak normal structure and the weak fixed point property
Giuseppe Marino, Luigi Muglia and Yonghong Yao
The uniform asymptotical regularity of families of mappings and solutions of variational inequality problems
A. Petruşel, I. A. Rus and M. A. Şerban
Basic problems of the metric fixed point theory and the relevance of a metric fixed point theorem for a multivalued operator
S. Rajesh and P. Veeramani
Non-convex proximal pairs on Hilbert spaces and best proximity points
Daniel Reem
On the existence of a neutral region II: the implicit relation case
Biagio Ricceri
Revisiting a theorem on multifunctions of one real variable

D. R. Sahu, V. Colao and G. Marino
On the convergence of approximants of pseudo-contractive semigroups in Banach spaces
Wataru Takahashi, Ngai-Ching Wong and Jen-Chih Yao
Weak and strong convergence theorems for commutative families of positively homogeneous nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces
Fenghui Wang
A note on iterative common solution to monotone inclusion and fixed point problems
Yamin Wang and Hong-Kun Xu
Strong convergence for the proximal-gradient method

Hong-Kun Xu, Tae Hwa Kim and Ximing Yin
Weak continuity of the normalized duality map
Zenn-Tsun Yu, Lai-Jiu Lin and Chih-Sheng Chuang
A unified study of the split feasible problems with applications
Alexander J. Zaslavski
Dynamic string-averaging projection methods for convex feasibility problems in the presence of computational errors

Pub. January 28, 2014

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